Friday, September 19, 2014

How to pick the perfect gift for the Libran man

The Libran gentleman by sun sign is the ultimate sophisticate so art, culture and great clothes are his passion

The Libra man is vivacious, easy-going and flirtatious. Quite the social type, he loves having friends around. While choosing a birthday gift, look for something that truly complements his refined personality. The Libran man loves gifts, so instead of just one gift, give him a set of gifts wrapped up elegantly. The whole process of unwrapping them is a ceremony he will enjoy.
Art, music and culture is something the Libran man has a taste for. Tickets to the theater, a music concert, music DVDs or even a musical instrument will make good birthday gifts. Coffee table books, history tours, interior d├ęcor objects, sculptures, wall hangings and so on will appeal to him.

Feed the Libran foodie

He is quite the foodie, so dinner at an upmarket restaurant or a special gourmet basket that features fine wine, cheese, sauces and chocolates would be quite appealing too. Cooking a special gourmet meal for him at home will be greatly cherished.

The Libran traveller

The Libran man loves to travel. Look for lighweight luggage, compasses, travel books and guides, a canvas backpack or even an exotic holiday package. They love a life of luxury and pampering. How about gifting a relaxing massage at a spa? You can also gift a hamper filled with exotic spa products that let all the senses soak in them.

Based on the zodiac sign, the elegant and sophisticated Libran man dresses to impress. Well-tailored suits, shirts and expensive accessories to match are his kind of thing. You can’t go wrong with them. They also love fine fragrances. Look for expensive perfume with an aura of distinction.

Awaken the artist in him

Art is a good gift for the Libran man who loves to appreciate them. While choosing art, look for conventional choices like landccapes, rustic scenery, people and so on, avoid abstracts. You can also give zodiac signed theme gifts, try cuff-links shaped like the scales that represent Libra, Libran pendants, Libran tees and so on.

These smart tips should help you get the Libran man’s birthday gift perfectly correct!

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