Sunday, September 7, 2014

Find the perfect birthday gift for the Sagittarius woman

Adventurous and travel loving Sagittarius will appreciate gifts that are functional on their trips. Here’s a guide to the presents that Sagittarians love.

Kindle the outdoor spirit

The fun-loving Sagittarius zodiac sign is a free spirit who loves the outdoors, adventures and thrills. She enjoys action and loves to do things that push her physical boundaries. The Sagittarius woman will accept any gift that you give with joy, just make sure that it’s beautifully wrapped because the presentation and thrill of guessing what’s inside matters a lot to her.

The Sagittarius woman has an intellectual side and loves books. Her preference in books is likely to be thought-provoking books by famous philosophers or seasoned political reformers and thinkers besides coffee table books, travel books and joke books.

Travel accessories

As per the star sign, Sagittarian women just can’t help being travel crazy! They can take off just about anywhere and enjoy the thrill of discovering something new. Gift something related to travel like luggage, some nice sunglasses, a compass, GPRS system or even a nice travel hamper full of goodies to munch enroute.  Many Saggitarian women love to click photographs of their travels, so a good digital camera or camera accessories if she already owns one will have her delighted.

Want to gift her an exotic vacation? See if you can get an adventure sport thrown in, she can take the thrills of bungee jumping, snorkeling, scuba diving, sky diving and more. She will be more than game to get adventurous!

Adding to the Sagittarius woman’s personality

The Sagittarius woman has an infectious zest for living, gift a perfume that goes with her personality, something that features fruity or woodsy notes will work well. If jewelry is your choice, look for ruby or red colored stone jewelry. No matter what you pick, make sure it’s a unique piece. If you plan to gift clothes, red is the best color, else go for brown, yellow or even blue.

Sagittarians are quite sentimental. How about personalizing a mug, a tee or a coaster with a picture of both of you? She is sure to be bowled over.

Whatever you gift Sagittarius, make sure it’s unique and that will make your gift a big hit.

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