Friday, August 29, 2014

Finding the perfect birthday gift for the Sagittarius man

The fun-loving, adventurous and intellectual Sagittarius man will love gifts that will indulge these traits of his. Read to find out what gifts tick with Sagittarian guys.

The Sagittarius man is many-layered, he’s social, fun-loving and simply can’t resist the thrill of a challenge! Take some time to choose the right birthday gift and you will be rewarded with the happiness that shines out of his eyes. Sagittarius will appreciate any kind of gift that you give but make sure it’s beautifully wrapped as Sagittarian men derive a thrill out of opening it!

Saggittarians Love Outdoors

According to the zodiac, the Sagittarius male loves the outdoors. How about taking him out on a special birthday picnic? Remember to pack a birthday cake and some yummy goodies to eat. Travel is something he just can’t get enough of. Gift an exotic vacation package or travel accessories like a lightweight backpack, luggage, compass, travel grooming kit and so on. 

By virtue of their sun signs, Sagittarians also love adventure so you can gift packages to adventure sports like bungee jumping, kayaking or parachuting. Pushing the physical boundaries is something the Sagittarian male loves, so hikes through arduous mountain trails or camping in forests are birthday gifts he will enjoy.

If you want to gift a book, make sure you pick one that matches his taste. Go for good quality collector edition books, coffee table books, travel guides or philosophy. The Sagittarius man can be quite sentimental. Pick something that will remind him of you, a mug, t-shirt, coasters, pen stand or any other functional gift with the Sagittarius zodiac sign on it.

Jewelry Gifts for Sagittarius Men

You could get the Sagittarius man a pendant, bracelet or ring which features his birthstone, the ruby. However, rubies could break your bank, so if you don’t have deep pockets, go for the red stones or turquoise, another color associated with the sign. 

When it comes to clothes, some Sagittarians are very particular about dressing while others are quite careless. Gift brown, yellow, blue or red garments. The Sagittarian man is quite a fun-lover. Find something that will appeal to this side of him like comic videos, tickets to a stand-up comedy show, a book of jokes, and so on.

These tips will help you locate the right birthday gift for the Sagittarius man.

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