Monday, April 13, 2009

The Zen Way to Blast Your Ego in 2 Minutes

Letting of the ego is a simple act, if only you knew how to do it.

But then like all simple things in life, they are the most difficult to follow.

The ego is the “I” in you. It’s your false sense of the self. It importance makes you proud, arrogant, deceitful and dishonest. It thinks and believes that it is handsome, intelligent, rich, sexy, strong and incomparable.

But beauty goes with age. Money goes after you spend. Intelligence brings arrogance. Strength and power never lasts. And there are always better, stronger and more intelligent people than you. So you are not incomparable.

Think of all these things that make your head go dizzy. They are like the birds on a tree, they are like the leaves on a branch. They are like the flowers on a tree.

But, the tree never sulks when the flowers wither away. The tree never longs for the birds to visit again. The tree never feels old because the lives have dried in summer. The tree is never proud when it flowers. The tree doesn’t feel powerful because its bark is big.

And, the tree is benevolent. It provides shade to unknown travellers. Its flowers give nectar to little bees. It gives away wood to villagers. It’s home to many worms.

Can you be like the tree. Unaffected by the symbolic things that embellish it.

If you can, then the EGO will not trouble you. You will become humble. You will live simple.

This is the Zen, Buddhist, Indian way of dissolving your ego. And melting it forever.

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