Friday, April 10, 2009

3 Non Verbal Gestures to Keep You Happy Everyday

Words don’t convey as much as a non verbal gesture does. Can anyone express love as effectively as a hug. Not just love for girlfriends and wives but our children and parents.


A hug conveys deep affection and conveys the love better than any words, email, letter or greeting. And the hug becomes unforgettable. Why?

Because non verbal gestures are conveyed from the heart and is felt by the receiver without going through his mind.

People hug while they grieve. People hug when they are happy. People hug when they are forgiven. People hug when they want to cry.

Smile is another thing that’s genuine. It’s not very easy to fake a warm smile. And the recipient understands the meaning of the smile. Often in our own lives, we seem to realize what someone near to us wants to say, with just a smile.

Smile is a sign of recognition, a sign of love, a sign of understanding.

The hand on the shoulder is another meaningful non verbal gesture, the meaning of which is supportive understanding. When someone puts a hand around us, it’s almost as though we are being protected by something very divine. We know deep inside that he or she loves us despite all our faults.

The joy of a child on her father’s lap is everlasting, mystical and incomparable. Even when no words are spoken.

Ever wonder why we sometimes want to lie down on our mother’s lap, especially when things are going our way?

There’s something so powerful in that touch that blows away our woes.

So why try saying something when we can actually touch other’s lives with a hug, a pat, a smile or a hand on the shoulders.

Why don’t we hug people we love every day. And feel blessed and happy.

I do it, every day. How about you?

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