Thursday, April 30, 2009

Speak English Better Tips

Do you feel embarrassed when you speak English? Are you at a disadvantage in job interviews because of your poor English language skills? Do you make a lot of grammar mistakes? Forget the past. Here’s our Speak English Better Tips that help you correct common mistakes. Would you like to learn, today?

Let’s learn how to correct this common error. “It was a blunder mistake.” It should actually be “It was a blunder.” You might wonder why. Blunder means a big mistake. Therefore if you use “blunder mistake”, it actually means big mistake mistake, you see. There’s no need of repeating the word “mistake”.

Do you think “These stuffs are costly,” is the correct way of saying it. Well, “This stuff is costly,” is grammatically correct. Stuff is anyway plural so you don’t have to use an ‘s’ after stuff.

Don’t know the art of communicating in English? It’s time for you to speak well and influence people. Our Speak English Better Tip will help you do this. Try one today.

Many a time we unknowingly say “Revert back to me after you finish the task.” But it’s not right. “Revert to me after you finish the task,” is the accepted way of saying it. The reason being “revert” means to “get back.” Hence, there’s no need of using the work “back” once gain.

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