Monday, April 6, 2009

Motivating Lessons from My Father

At 73, after two surgeries, he still gets out to work at 7.30 every morning.

When young people in their thirties are growing old and tired with their 9 to 5 routine, here was my dad exercising at 5.15 am and making his own cup of tea. His enthusiasm about work is infectious. We three brothers and a sister wonder how he’s able to push himself.

“Work is Worship,” he says in response to what motivates him. He’s a proud man, proud of his excellence at work. Proud of being able to contribute to the needy.

When confronted with harsh realities in life, like the death of my mother and his own surgeries, he faced them without a tear and with no signs of pain. He made no attempt to resist. Never showed any pain. Well, he does belong to the older generation of “Men”, who were not supposed to cry. Yet, to face one’s own surgeries and get on with zest after that is simply amazing.

He has very simple expectations of life. Makes every attempt to do what it takes to make life better. Dad has no regrets about the past. He just looks forward to each day with a glint in his eyes.

He doesn’t like to be dependent on anyone. And loves to live off his own earnings.

And help his children too.

Yes, I have learnt many inspiring lessons from my father. And continue to learn.

I’m proud of you dad. You mean a lot to me.

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