Sunday, March 1, 2009

Workplace Motivation Tips to Recharge Team Mates

The job of managers at the workplace is to get the best of team mates by motivating and providing them a platform to perform effectively.

What Motivates an Employee at Work?
Employees are driven by an inspiring brand, energising work culture, good processes and fine leadership. Of course, the compensations are important no doubt. But there are other small factors like the facilities at work, degree of empowerment, freedom, scope for working on exciting projects that are not directly related to the employee’s work and employee-friendly policies.

The output of an employee is linked to ability and motivation. Either the person is self motivated or they must be passionate at work, willing to learn and be motivated by superiors.

Bosses have a Motivational Impact
A critical motivator for every professional is the supervisor at work. How the supervisor works with team and leverages their strengths by providing the scope to grow has a bearing on the workforce motivation levels. If he’s understanding, leads by example, is fair with team mates, collaborates, helps colleagues with insight and steers them towards success, then his team will be highly charged up. Otherwise, there’s bound be low morale affecting team members.

Most people underperform or quit jobs because of dissatisfaction with immediate bosses. This has often been expressed in exit interviews and quoted in industry surveys.

Leadership is a key motivator
All CEOs may not be as inspiring as Steve Jobs or Larry Page and Sergey Bin, but quite often one sees that workers inspired by chiefs tend to be more happy, effective, productive and long lasting in a company.

Scope for Growth can be Motivation Enough
Organizations that have clear career paths for employees are benefited by a very motivated group of employees. When individuals see that the companies are providing a scope to perform and grow, they tend to be perform well and reach their goals.

Learning Opportunities Motivate Professionals
Most individuals who have four or more years of work experience are kicked up about learning opportunities at organizations. Either by working with better skilled colleagues from whom they can learn or working on new projects, which give scope to pick up new skills or knowledge.

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  1. Managers can have such a profound influence on employees. The first manager I've ever had literally changed my life because he encouraged personal growth and made my hungry for knowledge.