Friday, March 20, 2009

4 Ways to Motivation for Older People

As you grow old, lack of mobility, dwindling resources and absence of a large family could be depressing. But try these few things to get up from your bed. And feel better.

Connect to a Group
If you’re 50 plus and feeling lonely, you need to find people to talk to and share things with. The lack of positive strokes of affection, praise and recognition for what you are can be frustrating. You long for company, but instead of just sitting down and sulking about growing old or not having company, you can do something about it.

Call or visit your grandchildren. Organise a party at home for your friends and get connected. Take a short break with your wife and go a place where nature abounds. This could be refreshing. Go to the club or connect to the community.

Handling Your Finances
Health insurances are a must as you grow in age. If you haven’t planned for retirement, you may have to face some hurdles. Check out your bank balances and pull out your investments and find out the value. Atleast now put together a plan of expenses. Are there inflows every month or quarter?

Can you invest to get regular income? Is it possible to set up new sources of income? You must be having some skill that you can turn into a money-making activity. Gardening, carpentry, music – think about it. Can you teach people something they’d pay for to learn? Can you write decently and therefore set up a blog or website as a revenue earner?

Time Doesn’t Seem to Flow By
The pace of life suddenly seems to come down. The slowness comes from your own slow speed and the lack of a proper activity schedule. When you worked, you knew your routine – the morning jog, travel, work, commute, family time and TV. Now you seem to have all the 24 hours, but don’t know what to do.

Think of the hobby that you couldn’t find time for when young. Isn’t it time you gave your bit back to the community? Find a cause that drives you and join a club to further it. The joy of doing this is unparalleled. How long is it since you met your aunt? Isn’t it time to meet relatives and old friends? Paint, get a pet, or drive down to meet people. Evolve the habit of reading books. Take long walks every day. Find ways to do things you enjoy.

Find Inner Peace
This is a time to reflect upon your life, thoughts and seek your inner self. The rat race is over, commitments are fulfilled and the time for discovery of self has arrived. This is bound to give lasting peace and joy. It will also deliver you from the pain and suffering of this world.

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