Friday, March 27, 2009

The Buddha Who Did Not Walk on Water - Motivational Story

One day the Buddha and his disciples walked to the riverside. On reaching the banks, they sat down on the grass. And waited for the boat to arrive and ferry them across.

After a while, they saw a sage walking down towards the river. He didn’t wait for the boat to come. The sage simply walked on the waters and reached the shore on the other side.

When the Buddha and disciples were on the boat, there were whispers amongst the disciples. They wondered why the Buddha did not walk on the waters. The Buddha was silent and was lost in the beauty of the river.

“Buddha, they say you’re the enlightened one. You too could have walked on the waters. Why didn’t you do it?” asked one of them.

“I could have walked on the river, but what will you do,” asked the Buddha.

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