Thursday, March 12, 2009

Zen and the Art of Experiencing Inner Calm

Zen is experiencing stillness and oneness with the creator. Zen is the ancient Buddhist art that teaches you to be a child once again. It’s about experiencing without words.

Let me narrate with an example. We all like star gazing. We love the full moon on a cool night. Ever wondered why we are enamoured by the moon. Why the mystical moon seems to charm us again and again whatever age we are?

Because at that moment we are “experiencing” the moon. Not seeing the moon and debating whether life is possible, whether there’s water on it or did Neil Armstrong really feel weightless. Zen is this experiencing without words. Zen is being there in the present, in the moment without evaluating, judging or looking through the knowledge we have. Without looking through the past experiences in our mind.

Another “experience” I can relate to is the sunset. How wonderful is the feeling when the beauty of nature seeps through our pores and gives us bliss. A kind of peace, a momentary inexplicable feeling of oneness with nature. Don’t we just let the beauty sink in without a thought in the head? Don’t we like to be quiet during a sunset. This is the Zen moment.

We can experience Zen moments all the time if we are able to put aside reasoning. Reasoning which has severe limitations. The mind can’t understand what’s beyond. The mind can’t fathom the way nature seems to function in peace amidst seeming chaos.

But the trouble is that the mind thinks it knows everything. It is governed by the ego, which thinks that it can comprehend everything. That everything in this world can be reasoned. The truth being the mind is cheated by illusions, maya... just like the mirage in the desert.

Ever witnessed a moment in life, when you saw someone in the eye and you felt you understood what the person wanted to say. Ever hugged or been hugged and you felt that it expressed your feelings much better than words. See, that’s experiencing.

If you want to experience, you must stop seeing with the eye. You must begin to see with the mind’s eye.

If you want to experience the present, you must start looking inward. The inner self is the answer. The knowledge you have is very limited. It can give you worldly pleasures. But not inner calm or peace.

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