Monday, March 30, 2009

Fix those Worries before they Kill You

Worry is like a small stone, when you keep it far away from your eyes it looks verys easy to handle. If you bring it closer it covers the entire world. If you look inside your mind when a worry crops up, you’ll understand what causes the worry and will be able to fix it soon.

As I see it worry arises from a few reasons.

Inability to solve the problem

Procrastination over fixing the cause of the worry

Unnecessary thinking about the problem.

So how does one get out of this rut. First let the worry run inside your head. Feel frustrated or disgusted? Feel it without fighting it. If you fight it by denying, arguing against, ranting against, sulking or running away from it, then it just gets bigger and worse for you to handle.

Accept that something is causing you endless worry. Now try to figure out what triggers the worry. Is it money, people, some fear, inability to resolve it or your mind’s habit of always thinking about the negative side of things.

List down the triggers. Prioritize the activities to do to help fix the cause of the worry. Take one small activity and complete it. Before moving on to the next.

In the meantime, do not react to worry. Just let those thoughts come about. Don’t judge or revolt. Just be aware of the thoughts. Understand and accept that there’s a problem to overcome. Then work to handle it better.

Act on it. Don’t sleep over it. Ane never react.

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