Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Zen Master and the Beautiful Girl

After completing the daily discourses, a Zen master was walking along the forest with a student. On reaching the river, they found a beautiful girl waiting on the banks.

On seeing the Zen master, the girl walked up to him and said, “Sir, I don’t know how to swim. Can you carry me across the waters.” The Zen master smiled and hoisted her upon his shoulders and began walking across the shallow waters of the river.

The student was mighty confused by the master’s act of touching a beautiful girl. Not just that but carrying the damsel on his shoulders.

On reaching the shores, the master put her down. The girl thanked the master and left. The master smiled and began his journey as if nothing had happened. One hour passed by. The master and student were walking along silently.

Unable to contain his thoughts, the young student asked, “Master, you said we should not be touched by worldly pleasures a few hours ago. But you just touched, lifted and carried a beautiful girl. Were your thoughts not stained by this act?”

The Zen master smiled,”Son, you see I carried her on my shoulders and dropped her on the banks long ago. But you’re still carrying her in your head.”

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