Monday, March 16, 2009

How to Overcome Anger by Keeping Your Mouth Shut?

Anger is a basic human emotion that has not been understood properly. Unexpressed anger can be devastating and it’s best to understand what causes the anger and learn to cope with it.

Is there a History to your Anger?
Were you born in a family of angry people. If your father or grandparent was very quick to openly express anger before all in the family, it’s possible for you to have picked up the bad habit. You may have grown up in the belief that anger should be expressed, only to find society wasn’t accepting that kind of negative behaviour. Time now to reflect on the benefits of not being angry – gaining new friends, building self esteem, ability to manage emotions better, feel more healthy... and more.

Are you Expecting a bit too much?
Expectations can be disastrous because they are built on your assumptions, but others are responsible for causing it. Be it at the workplace or home, try to understand that every human being is made uniquely. All can’t be disciplined, successful, smart, quick or result-oriented like you. If they fail, they are failing only against your expectations. Ask if your expectations are reasonable? If the answer is yes, lower your expectations. Tell them you won’t accept mediocrity but give them time to upgrade.

Circumstances may be Playing a role in Angering you
A family falling apart, a broken relationship, relationship with boss going sour, thin bank balances, unstable job or plain stress, could all be causing you to scream at everyone. Fix the problem that’s bothering you. Get to the bottom of the cause. Don’t be angry with the symptoms, get to the root. Save yourself a lot of stress.

Depression and Drinks
If depression is hurting you mentally, get treated - for its side effects are plenty. Uncontrolled drinking habits can also lead to seething anger in people. Do you see a pattern in you – every time you drink beyond control you end up fighting and rupturing relationships. Boy, get a quick fix on this. This is a never ending hell hole. You need to rescue yourself.

Meditation can Help
While its best to get away from the scene of anger, talk a brisk walk or even have a cup of coffee, these are but temporary measures. Join a meditation class to understand what’s inside that’s causing anger. Learn to calm your nerves. Once the mind is able to think clearly and understand the benefits of being anger-free, then the negative emotion dissipates.

Remember, Anger is one letter short of Danger.

Good luck with coping with anger and managing it.

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