Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Why You Should Get to Know Your Child's Friend

When Christina received a call from a lifeguard on the local beach, she could hardly believe her ears. Her son, Robert, had been rescued from the clutches of the sea. She assumed he’d be at the Local Club. And he wasn’t.

“That incident really shook me up”, says she. A new friend popped up that morning and Robert left with him on the bicycle. And Christina didn’t even ask the child where he was heading. “ I forgot the basics", she said.

"Had I enquired it might have been a different story, “ feels Christina.

Be Aware of your Kids Activities
Not knowing your child’s activities might spell disaster sometimes. As a parent you must establish trust in your child and encourage him to reveal all his activities, without being judgemental. Keep yourself aware of his extracurricular activities. Check out his cricket ground or pool parlour. You can even propose to drop him there on a Sunday morning and cheer him at play. Don’t encroach on his freedom. Do it matter-of-factly.

Interact with his friends
That’s the best way to keep your son out of trouble. Invite them over for lunch or tea. Get to know them better and if you feel someone’s bad company for your child, put that across to your child. Tell him why you think so. But don’t ever be harsh or stern, lest it make him rebel. This may backfire and lead to just what you fear. Infact, buzzing the parents and keeping in touch is good too. Once the two families are friendly, the chances of children going astray are slim.

Spend time with children
Take a walk, get jogging or go to the movies. There must be necessarily be a time for kids. It helps bond your ties. Give him your love, respect his views and cherish his values. Earn his trust and he’ll always express his hopes, fears and secrets with you. That’s the power of love. If he’s comfortable in your company, he’ll be on the right path. Your doubts about friends can be cleared through casual talks. In case you find something amiss, probe further, but most importantly without interfering with his freedom.

Help Kids Distinguish Good from Bad
Above all teach you child to identify good traits in others. And to keep off from bad kids. Make him responsible and you won’t have to rue. It’s wise to equip him to handle these relationships carefully.

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