Thursday, August 18, 2011

Short Stories of Jataka Tales 1

This Buddhist Jataka story, The Buddha and his Disciple, about the value of old things, is part of an eBook 51 Short Motivational Stories from Zen, Buddha and Ancient Tales.

The Buddha and his Disciple

As Buddha opened his eyes after a long period of meditation, he saw a disciple standing before him.

“My lord, why don’t you stop meditating for world peace and do something to help yourself and your disciples?” said the disciple.

The Buddha smiled, “Tell me what can I do for you?”

“My clothes are worn out and I’d like to have new clothes,” said the disciple.

Buddha looked at the disciple’s clothes and found holes here and there. He asked a senior disciple to fetch new clothes. Giving it to him, Buddha asked, “Is there anything else I could do?”

“Thanks, my lord, I have no need for anything else,” replied the disciple.

In the evening, Buddha went to the disciple’s room.

“Are you clothes comfortable?” enquired Buddha.

“Yes,” nodded the disciple.

“What did you do to the old clothes?” asked Buddha.

“I use them as a bedspread,” said he.

“And what about the old bedspread?” asked Buddha.

“I turned it into a curtain for the window,” said the disciple.

“What did you do to the curtain that was there on the window?” asked Buddha.

“It was quite old and I use it in the kitchen for getting hot vessels off the stove,” he said.

“And what about the old cloth that was used in the kitchen?” asked Buddha.

“Out of them I made small wicks for the lamps,” said the disciple.

The Buddha smiled and returned.

Notes: There’s nothing old or waste on this earth. Everything has some value, just that we need to realize this. When we do this, we will become contented and happy.

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