Tuesday, August 23, 2011

SEO tips to make blogs accessible to Google and users

Getting Google to index and crawl through your blog content easily will mean more traffic for bloggers like you. The SEO trick here is to understand how search engines like Google read web content. I’m letting you in on some simple and easy to implement secrets of search engines.

How do users reach your blog content? How do search engine crawlers arrive at your blog?

Well users and Google arrive on your blog by navigating through hyperlinks somewhere on the internet. These can be links on another blog or site, forum, social media, delicious, digg, directory and the like. From there they click (or crawl) to land up on your blog post. So if you’re a webmaster or blogger, your hyperlinks must be neat and navigable.

Important content on your blog is better placed via simple static html links, than the Ajax, Flash or Javascript. Google can crawl html hyperlinks easily, then the above technologies. People use different browsers and HTML text is compatible and accessible by all of them. So it’s important that you link all critical blog content via html hyperlinks.

To make content useful to readers and search engine bots, publish them as html documents. Use less of scripts and make it easy to navigate to your articles.

Making images indexable, accessible

Images, Photos, Pictures, Graphics must all either have alt and title tags that explain the content and context. The titles and alt tags must be useful, meaningful and relevant to the content on the page. The context of the picture to the page content is important for ranking it better. Otherwise they turn useless from the point of view of search. You can also write some content on what is there in the images to help users and crawlers identify and understand the content. This helps Google to rank your pages better. And assign a better quality point to your content.

Clean up broken links, duplicate content

Broken links, empty pages, duplicate content, affiliate articles with no value aditions and 404 errors – all interfere with indexing your site or blog. Avoid all these by checking and publishing unique, fresh, value added and useful content for readers and crawlers.

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