Monday, August 1, 2011

SEO Link Building Expert – Eric Ward

Eric Edward is not the typical Search Engine Optimizer or strategist. He insists on building quality links through Press Releases, seeking links from niche resources and webmasters/ bloggers who are passionate about their subjects. Quite simply, he began link building links when search engines were in their early stages. So he used traditional link building strategies that looked at quality of content rather than page rank.

He targets rich content sites, library sites and sites that instruct beginners on a subject. More importantly, he targets niche, fairly unknown sites and creatively works to get links.

Erc Ward suggests building creative content, strategies to get social media and influencers in a domain to review and link to your site. Not from the point of view of search engines, but human users who want good content and very good related content. And from a trustworthy source.

He believes that each of us trying to build links must act as if we worked for Google. Check out Eric Ward’s Link Building Site.

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