Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Unforgettable Anniversary Gifts for Dad

If you think back of your childhood, your dad features prominently. He was the one who taught you to ride your first bike and who took you to your favorite pizza joint, now on his wedding anniversary, gift
something that will touch his heart.

If your dad is a travel freak, gift a snazzy leather excursion travel case, a smart travel bag or a pair of spa slippers. A GPS navigator or a book like ‘1000 Places to See Before You Die’ are good choices too. If your dad is more the adventurous type who likes trekking and such outdoor activities, a pair of binoculars, a light-weight back pack, tenting gear or a camera would make good gifts. You can even gift your dad and
mom a holiday to an exotic place which will take them down the path of nostalgia.

Is your dad the sporty type? Gift him tickets to a match featuring the game of his choice. Look for equipment or accessories related to the sport your dad plays say golf clubs, badminton rackets, gloves, sweat
bands and so on.

Most men love gadgets and picking up the latest in the market for your dad makes it extra special. Think the hot new mobile phone or the sleek new laptop. You can also pick up an electronic organizer or PDA.
You can also gift your dad his favorite brand of liquor or something you think he will enjoy. A gourmet basket of wine and cheese or other gourmet treats should whet his appetite. If you have a larger budget, try
a luxury personalized champagne bottle. Crockery like wine or martini glasses, champagne buckets and wine bottle holders are useful gifts that will be appreciated.

Gift your dad an interesting accessory like a fine leather belt with an unusual buckle. Elegant silver cuff links, which can be personalized with his initials on them make an exquisite gift too. You can also think of sun
glasses from a designer brand. A classy watch will remind your dad of you every time he looks at it, this makes a truly timeless gift. If you know your dad’s taste in music or books, these are good choices.
A home theatre system, a portable DVD player, a trendy i-pod and so on are gifts that are popular choices in today’s world. Go ahead now and gift your dad something he will not forget.

Dad quote
Dad, your guiding hand on my shoulder will remain with me forever.

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