Friday, August 7, 2015

Romantic Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

A wedding anniversary is an occasion to celebrate the beauty of a lasting relationship. Make it truly special for your husband by gifting something that’s so cute, it will be forever etched in his heart. Now, this
does take a little bit of extra effort but then it’s worth the happiness that will sparkle in his eyes.

Add a bit of drama and romance to your gift, buy a bright red post box and fill it with your gifts or cards and handwritten messages of love.

This will truly sweep him off his feet. Gifting a clock can symbolize the eternal quality of the love you share, you could pick a personalized tile anniversary clock on an easel or a heart-shaped clock.

A personalized anniversary message especially a naughty one on a heart-shaped soap or any other cute shape is a good gift. You can even get a bit naughtier and gift an edible soap or edible massage lotion that
you can rub on each other and enjoy yourselves with. That should get his imagination stimulated.

Most men are headlong into sport and have their own personal hero or heroes. A cute gift would be sporty collectibles relating to the sport your husband loves, it could be anything from an autographed baseball, Red
Sox jersey, football helmet.

Gift him a romantic pillow, a heart-shaped pillow covered with red silk or those softy squeezy cushions with cartoon prints. A luxurious bathrobe or a set of new towels monogrammed with his initials or with a
small message would be cute too. Compile together the romantic songs he loves on a CD and gift it to him. How about getting him a massager, after a tiring day of work, this would be the ideal way to unwind. Make
up a scrapbook filled with photos of your favorite romantic moments during your married life.

A hamper of fresh juicy fruits can be a cute gift, who would not love a Carribbean fruit hamper or a Garden of Eden hamper filled with crunchy apples, make up a hamper and add a fun message to it.

Bake him a lovely anniversary cake and on the centre place plastic or metal initials of both of you and write a cute message like , ‘You are my sweetheart’. You can also gift him a huge chocolate heart with the
message ‘I love you’ on it.

Now, use these ideas to pick a gift and we guarantee a big kiss and a bear hug in return from your husband.

Romantic Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him Quote
Love is the thing that enables a woman to sing while she mops up the floor after her husband has walked across it in his barn boots.
Hoosier Farmer

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