Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Cute Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend

An anniversary is a special and wonderful occasion for every couple. A milestone that has to be celebrated with lots of joy and a beautiful gift that will be a reminder of their feelings for each other.

Buying an anniversary gift for your boyfriend is something that you should ponder over and pick. Here are a few ideas to help you kick start your imagination.

Memorable Gifts Ideas for Boyfriend
A watch can make a memorable anniversary gift, pick a formal watch in gold tone or sheer steel to remind him of your timeless love. Classy accessories like cuff links, tie-pins and belts will be liked too. A business
card holder in leather or leather desk top accessories will let him carry a whiff of you into his office life everyday.

If your boyfriend is into the outdoors and sport, gift him something to go with his interests. A water-proof sports watch with a compass is ideal for frequent mountain trekkers and campers. Sports inspired desk accessories and collectibles like miniature football tees, trophies, wall plaques, paperweights and so on are popular with most men.

Personalized Anniversary Gifts
Some companies offer soaps with a personalized message or even the option of adding photographs, this makes a very special gift. Get a photograph of both of you printed on T-shirts and wear it on your
anniversary. You can even make the photograph into a poster, put in a personalized message and gift it. Make a video fi lm starring just the two of you, for this you’ll have to plan a bit in advance and get footage,
use the best in the fi lm and add some of your favorite love songs to the backdrop. He’ll be thrilled to receive this gift.

A fun gift idea. Get a little naughty, gift him some satin bed sheets with heart-shaped cushions with a romantic or naughty message. Another idea is sending him a thermometer and a teddy bear with the message, yThis
anniversary, how hot are you?”

Gift him some fun in the sun, a vacation trip for just the two of you in sunny Hawaii maybe. You can also gift tickets to a sporty event or a movie that both of you can catch together.

A growing plant can be symbolic of your relationship. Gift a potted plant in an attractive pot, you can even add your creative touch by painting the clay pot.

Make the spirit of celebration come alive, gift him two martini glasses and a bottle of fine wine, so both of you can drink to your happiness.

Cute Anniversary Quote for Boyfriend
Love me when I least deserve it, because that’s when I really need it.
Swedish Proverb

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