Sunday, August 16, 2015

Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Friends

While gifting a marriage anniversary present for a friend, don’t just think of what your friend will like, think of what the couple will enjoy. Remember it’s not about how much you spend but how much thought and effort you put into it.

A beautiful painting or sculpture that will match the d├ęcor of your friend’s home is an anniversary gift that will be a visual delight they can enjoy. Desktop fountains make a pretty gift and are perfect to soothe
stress. There are many options available like bamboo fountains, Bonsai fountains, solar fountains and so on. You can also think of an attractive bedspread set or some comfy cushions.

How about a set of coffee mugs customized with the couple’s photo on it, this makes a warm and thoughtful gift. If you wish you can complement these with a tray or coaster sets.

Gift a gourmet gift hamper with a selection of exotic eats or a wine and cheese basket. If the couple likes to entertain, gift a bar set, a wine holder or a champagne bucket. A cake for the couple with a special message is a gift they will enjoy sharing. If you like to bake, bake a batch of fresh cookies, package them attractively in a decorative box or cookie jar and gift, the effort you have taken will touch your friend.

Gift a marriage anniversary plate with a custom message, some companies offer an option where it can be printed on or written with a special pen and baked to make the letters stay. This will be a valuable keepsake.

Look for special couple gifts like watch sets for two, a set of wine glasses, a His and Her perfume set and so on. You can also gift couple gifts like a sculpture of a couple.

Electronic gadgets especially the latest ones always make great gifts. Gift a handicam or digital camera for the couple to make happy memories. I-pods, phones, binocular glasses and so on are interesting
wedding gifts.

Colorful and vibrant flowers are an evergreen anniversary gift favorite, if you are hard-pressed for time, go ahead and gift a large basket. If the couple likes plants, gift some exotic potted plants, a green
gift that will be appreciated.

If you really want to pamper your friends, gift a day at the spa or a vacation. Go ahead and have fun picking an anniversary gift for your friends.

Wedding Anniversary Quote for Friends
Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me;
I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend.
Albert Camus

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