Tuesday, August 18, 2015

How we hear?

When you stand by a pool and throw a pebble into the water, you can watch little waves spread out from the spot where the pebble hits the water.  (Kids Level: 8 to 10)

These sort of waves are formed in the air too, only we can’t see them.  But, we can hear them.  Sound is nothing but little waves of air moving through the great mass of air around us.

The function of the ear is to catch these sounds.  The ear is a delicate part of the body and the vital parts in it are hidden away inside the ear, to prevent injury.

Sound waves pass through the ear passage till they reach the ear drum.  The ear drum is a small piece of thin skin, or membrane, stretched across the whole of the inside end.  When sound reaches the ear drum, it vibrates.  These vibrations pass along three tiny bones to a long row of hairs.  The hairs move due to the vibrations.  From this movement we are able to recognize sounds.

The three bones in each ear are only about one third of an inch and are named as the hammer, anvil and the stirrup. Next time you hear a sound, think of your lovely ear.

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