Sunday, December 14, 2014

Unusual gifts for your boyfriend

A quirky gift that stands out from the crowd will endear you to your boyfriend forever.

While choosing a gift for your boyfriend, skip the tested route of predictable smart phones, t-shirts and books. Choose something unique, a gift with a quirky touch that he can flaunt.

Personalized gifts lend themselves to different kinds of customization and here’s where you can get creative. One of the most interesting is a personalized love book which details the reasons why you love him and also tells the story of your love with specific instances.  You can also try a personalized pillow case set with your names and caricatures. Get a caricature of both of you on a customized clock.

Gift him accessories like a quirky tie, you can get one personalized with his image or any other image you think he would like.  You could even get him a music keyboard tie, some of them actually play music! Cuff links personalized with his name or initials are a good idea too. Look for funky watches like a speedometer watch or a melting watch design.

Does he love music? Speakers today come in a dashing variety of avatars that he’s bound to go crazy over.  A speaker shaped like a microphone, a car or even duckie wireless bathroom speakers  will keep him quite pleased.

Go for something fun! How about some fun instant side burns or thick mustaches for a laugh?  A horse head mask, googly eyes that glow in the dark, an inflatable beard of bees or an annoying sound machine are bound to bring out the prankster in him.

Pep up his boring desk with a miniature pool set, a USP lamp or some stress busting table top games.
A key ring alcohol tester will have him quite amused! You can also gift him a wine tasting session or a wine tour.  A combination lock bottle stopper, a lasso bottle holder or a really big beer glass are interesting gifts too.

If you have a special talent for art or craft use it to make something for him. Bake a special cake, paint a piece of art or even knit him a sweater. He will appreciate the love and effort you have put into creating a unique gift.

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