Thursday, December 18, 2014

Anniversary gifts your friends will fall in love with

From personalized gifts, goodie baskets to adventure trips, find out how you can make your friends’ wedding anniversary memorable.

When your friends celebrate their wedding anniversary, gift them something that brings good cheer! How about getting a nice caricature done of both of them and getting this personalized on a set of coffee mugs or a clock? This would be useful too.

Gift baskets filled with goodies will delight any couple! It’s easy to pick a gourmet basket off the rack, but spending some time on personally selecting the contents makes it special. Make up a healthy organic food basket filled with fresh fruits, organic tea and other organic bites. You can also make up a nice personal care basket filled with scented soaps, lotions and so on.

Gift a pair of something to symbolize their happy union. A set of champagne flutes, a set of watches, a set of the latest smart phones and so on. You can also go for pretty statuettes like a pair of doves or a couple dancing.

Learn what interests your friends; gift something that suits their interests. If they love going for concerts, gift them tickets to a good one that you know they will enjoy. If they are the adventurous type, you could gift scuba diving classes, a hot air ballooning package and so on. For those with milder tastes, dinner at an upmarket restaurant would work.

Utility items always make good gifts. Gift things that can be used in everyday life, it could be an alarm clock with a funky twist or a board to serve pizza. You can also gift a bar cart, a set of silver cutlery or a classy fruit basket that can be used as a table centerpiece.

If you are good at some art or craft, gift something handmade. Love baking? Whip up a delicious cake or bake a batch of home-made cookies and fill them in a beautiful glass jar and gift them.  If you are good at painting, a happy piece of art would add a cozy touch to their home.

How about giving them some memories for keeps? Gift them a photography package from a professional photographer and let him capture some of their beautiful moments of togetherness. These tips should help you gift something they will cherish.

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