Friday, December 19, 2014

Best new year gifts for children

Think out-of-the-box to come up with a new year present that will grab your kids attention.

New year is a beautiful day marked by fresh ideas, new plans and a renewed hope and expectation that it will bring wonderful days. Take this opportunity to stars something new in a child’s life, introduce him or her to a new game, hobby or skill.

Kids above five years can appreciate the joys of journaling which will bring greater happiness as the years roll by. Gift an attractive diary where they can chronicle their daily joys and sorrows or a scrapbook where they can paste their photographs, pictures and creative art.

Show children the value of time in style. Gift a watch! For smaller children, go for colorful watches themed with cartoon characters, for tweens, go for watches that are trendy and for teenagers, you can gift formal watches or even smart watches.

Children of all ages are fond of chocolates and cookies. It’s quite easy to pick these up from the store but you can also make home-made chocolates and cookies in interesting shapes to add a personal touch.
Electronic toys fascinate all kids. For toddlers, vehicles and animals with light, sound and action are quite fascinating. Children aged four to eight will enjoy educational toys like a children’s laptop, tablet and cameras.Children above eight will enjoy remote controlled helicopters and gadgets like tablets.

Music is a wonderful art. Encourage children to pursue music by gifting them music classes. You can also look for age appropriate musical instruments, while mouth organs and toy drums are fine for smaller children, guitars and keyboards will be enjoyed by the older ones. You can also introduce them to Western classical music by gifting CD compilations of Beethoven, Mozart and others.

Gift a New Year adventure. There’s nothing that can quite beat the thrill of an outdoor trip with children. For smaller kids, a visit to a theme park or zoo can be quite thrilling, while older ones will enjoy getting more adventurous with a trekking or camping trip.

With the onslaught of TV and video games, kids are no longer as physically active as they used to be. Encourage outdoor play by gifting a trendy cycle, you’ll find one for every age.

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