Saturday, December 20, 2014

Great sports gifts to buy for children

Get your kids moving with some snazzy and sporty gifts

Sports are not just fun for kids but also help them grow healthy and strong. The lure of the television and video games is making many kids these days turn couch potatoes who grow obese. Encouraging sports will keep them fit and also make new friends. Look for sports gifts that are age appropriate and also those that interest them.

Toddlers and young kids below four should be encouraged to pick up simple sports skills like running, kicking, throwing and catching. A colorful ball or sports toys specially designed for them like the Little Tikes Basketball or T- Ball Set works. These have a height that’s adjustable which is perfect for growing kids.
Cycling is a marvelous sport for all ages and gifting one could spark a lifelong love for it. Kids start with colorful cycles with extra tires, then graduate to bigger cycles as they grow and develop their balance and teens go for more powerful cycles with gears.

Children who have attained the school age are ready for team games and will enjoy the organized pattern of playing with rules. Give sports gifts that can be played with teams like a basketball set, badminton set or a table tennis set. Most children love soccer, go for a glow in the dark soccer ball, tickets to a big soccer match or even interesting soccer merchandise like lamps, pendants and chocolates.

Want to bring in the rush of adrenalin? Adventure sports can be quite appealing to kids aged 8 and above. Look out for kids scuba diving programs, these introduce them to the magic underwater world and they learn skills like underwater breathing. Kayaking is one of the fastest growing sports and a program on this will acquaint kids with the basics of paddling, boat control and river safety.

Sports accessories like sports watches, stop watches, sweat bands, caps and helmets will always be appreciated. Throw in a spot of sports customization by gifting sports tees with the child’s name, personalized wooden football stools and blankets, personalized water bottles and more.

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