Monday, December 15, 2014

Exquisite gadget gifts for women

From gadgets that enhance her beauty and health to snazzy utilitarian ones, she will love them and cherish the effort you have put into choosing them.

Every woman loves to look fresh, young and beautiful always. Gift an eye zone eye massager that will relax and refresh her eyes after a tired day at work. She will also love it because it will fight aging by improving blood circulation around the eye. The Tanda Zap is another gadget that is a small flashlight device that gets rid of pimples and acne. You can also gift home tanning gadgets and laser hair removing gadgets that can be used form the comfort of home.

Indulge her narcisstic side, gift a selfie stick that allows her to click pictures with flattering angles. You can also gift her one of the latest cameras that offer options to click selfies.

Long conversations with friends and social media updates are part of every woman’s life. Gift her a smart phone, the latest versions offer novel features. A tablet is also a good idea to give her hours of non-stop entertainment.

Every woman loves her computer or laptop, gift her the latest model. If that’s steep for your budget, go for accessories for the laptop like an USB lamp, PC headset or speakers. USB drives come in fancy shapes and designs, how about a glittering crystal pendant USB or a stone encrusted guitar USB drive attached to a keychain.

A Smart Watch is a nice idea and you can pick from brands like Apple and Moto which have   attractive designs. You can also gift a fitness wristband that will actively monitor her movement, sleep hours, nutrition information and more.The Jabra Sportys Pulse wireless is another fitness gadget that consists of wireless earbuds with a heart-rate sensor that monitors her pulse and feeds data to an accompanying app.

Most women are quite house proud and a gadget for her kitchen will be appreciated quite a bit. The latest microwave, multi-cooker or food processor can help her whip up a meal in a jiffy! Try a snazzy coffeemaker to brew up a steaming cup when she’s tired.

These gadget ideas should win you lots of praise from her.

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