Sunday, December 21, 2014

Outdoor gifts your child will be crazy about

Encourage outdoor play and let kids experience the healthy joys of connecting with nature.

Playing outdoors is unstructured play and a multi-sensory experience that helps kids get smarter. It also increases their levels of physical activity making them healthier. The natural surroundings also reduce the stress of modern life besides allowing them to take a break from the digital world of computers and tablets. Encourage outdoor play by giving gifts that can be used outdoors.

Play tents can be easily set up outdoors and come with a variety of themes that can stimulate imaginative play you could try the Fairytale Tent, Caterpillar Tunnel or Thomas The Tank Play Vehicle.
Glider planes, wooden boomerangs and parachutes help kids build co-ordination skills. Remote controlled toy planes and helicopters will bring hours of fun too.

Kids love to splash about in the water, gift an inflatable pool for hours of water fun! Inflatable ride ons in fun shapes like dinosaurs and swans will be a big hit. Crafting sand castles, sand houses and sand sculptures are a great past-time for kids and a beach set will help them create elaborate structures.

Bicycles are an all-time favorite for kids and from the small cycles to kids to the sophisticated bicycle with gears for teenagers, there’s one for everyone. Ride on cars, scooters and other vehicles are also popular outdoor gifts for kids.

Gift something sporty that can be played outdoors like a football, a tennis set, a basketball set or an archery set. You can also think of sports accessories like tees, wristbands and sports watches.

Camping outdoors is always fun. Gift cool camping gear like a metal detector with a beep alert that allows kids to stroll through the woods to spot metal.  A telescope will let them watch the starry skies and a pair of binoculars will allow them to enjoy scenic nature.

How about gifting a pair of stilts? Walking through grass in them can be an interesting activity. Skates too let kids acquire a new skill. You can also gift classes to a sport of their interest. Use these pointers to pick up some great outdoor gifts.

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