Monday, April 3, 2006

The Only Way to Happiness - Enjoy Positive Living

Any adult who hasn't been living under the rock will agree that you can't live without Nature.
Rather, without loving and nurturing it. We are part of a unique system that are in love and dependence with each other.

Go out for long walks along avenues or woods. Smell the flowers, feel the leaves and hug the trees.
See the delight of innocence in you. Your children will protect the forests tomorrow, saving them for the generations to come. Read to them stories of nature, the wild animals, forests, the water cycle and the environment.

Grow a few plants in the garden, water it and watch them grow. You can then watch them grow in perfect harmony with Nature. A more balanced growth, for sure.

Being one with nature is like sleeping on your mother's lap. Secure. Stress-free. Pure joy.

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