Friday, April 7, 2006

Learn to Give if You Want to Get

Forever, we yearn for a lot of things in Life. Especially, what we want others to give us. Receiving gives us pleasure and makes us feel wanted. And we feel loved too.

Have you ever wondered if others think the same? Did you attempt to GIVE. Not just birthday gifts or lunches. But kind words, a pat on the back, a warm hug or a phone call to share happiness.

Most of us miss it, right?

We're not to be blamed 'cause we are never taught to GIVE.

Perhaps, mom didn't teach us. Dad was busy. Grand parents weren't around. Teachers were more keen on studies. But then....didn't Nature teach you. Yes, it did. And does so every day. Only you didn't notice it.
Look at the rivers, mountains, oceans, trees, birds etc. Nature GIVES you plenty of exciting things to see, experience, eat and enjoy. And does not even expect anything in return.

Learn to GIVE. And experience a new burst of energy, peace, calm and ecstasy in YOU.

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