Friday, April 28, 2006

Handling Eyestrain

If your eyes are tired from constant reading, sewing or working the computer, just take a break to refresh them.

Look up at the ceiling or into the distance. De focussing helps the tired eyes to relax.
Eye drops may help soothe your tired eyes, but may not cure eyestrain.
Use accupressure techniques to relieve the strain.

A) Press either side of the bridge of your nose, at the upper end.
B) Press either side of the inside edge of your eyebrows.
C) Gently massage the outer edges of your eyes.

Handling Dry Eyes
Close your eyes and place a slice of cucumber on each of your eyelids. Or place a wet cloth over them. Shut your eyes. Relax them for a while. Try blinking a few times. When you get outside home, use special glasses or a pair of sunglasses.

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