Friday, April 21, 2006

Positively inspiring article

Is it possible that the world’s greatest achievers think completely differently from the majority?
Do you think the Wright brothers could ever have achieved what they did if they hadn’t believed it
could be done? Was Mark Spitz’s seven gold medals in swimming a result of I can’t do this? Not to
mention Christopher Columbus – imagine that!!!!
Have you ever thought that success in any chosen subject be it financial, political, sporting or in
anything for that matter could be and was achieved whilst the individual was in a state of negativity.
i.e. I can’t do that - That’s not possible – It will never work.
I myself have been in the company of negative thinkers and let me tell you that their influence if
allowed to go unchecked is very powerful and destructive.
“Look at what happens if you place a piece of rotting fruit in a bowl of fresh fruit”
Gordon McAlpine

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