Friday, March 18, 2011

Why some people suck when they do nice things

When you share something with others, learn to be graceful and caring. Often I’ve seen people unintentionally use very negative words when they actually mean good.

I overheard a lady telling her maid, ”When you go home today, take this teddy bear for your child. My son wants a new toy. And I’m going to buy him one today.”

Good Lord! Is this a graceful way of giving away something? Makes the one taking it feel miserable. Doesn’t it?

How about: Please take this toy for your child. I think he may enjoy it.

Another one: Please take a few mangoes from the fruit basket for your family. My kids hate mangoes and I’m giving it all away.

How about: Do you like mangoes? If you do, please take some. Folks from my native sent us a huge basket and I’m sharing some with you.

Makes one feel loved. Simple communication isn’t easy for most people.

And communication is what we do all our lives.

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