Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How to Choose the Right SEO service for your Company?

It’s tough to select a Search Engine Optimization service for your organization. Here are a few things you should know and ask the SEO company before signing on for their service.

First, it’s difficult to judge a domain you have little knowledge about. And two, with the kind of claims and counter claims being made about SEO black hat and white hat services, you’d surely be confused.

Browse through their site, see if you’re satisfied with the content, services, navigation, design and whether the site communicates clearly what they do. Download the Google Tool bar and activate the Google Page Rank. Check the site’s page rank. If it has a page rank of three and above, I’d say they are worth considering, provided other factors are also favourable.

If the company is making tall claims about getting Google page rank or getting you onto page one of Google for all your main keywords. Then just drop them like hot potatoes. No company can promise page one results on Google, Bing, Yahoo or any search engine for that matter.

Visit the websites of their customers. Google for the main keywords of those websites and see where the sites come up. If it's on page one, it is very good.

Study their testimonials carefully. Are they talking about good relationships or recommending them for the results they delivered.

Check about their technical competency. Will they suggest technology, navigation and design changes. Do they have skills to execute them.

In their list of clients if you see any questionable clients or domains like porn or drugs, keep off.

Check their backlinks (sites that link to them). If the links are coming from reputed sites, it's a positive signal.

Read their resources section to know their search engine optimization thoughts and methods.

Can they give you case studies about clients.

What kind of results are they promising and the time frames for delivering.

What’s their experience in your domain?

Do they provide other services like pay per click? Are they certified for Google Adwords.

Would they be willing to provide references?

How long have they been in this business and how many people work on SEO.

How transparent would they be when doing business? Are they willing to explain what they plan to do for your company.

Ask them if they’d be willing to work on a variable model like fixed costs plus incentives on delivering your objectives.

Also google their company name and see if any previous client has written about unsatisfactory services or unethical SEO techniques employed by them.

Check out their Twitter account and see what they write about and how many and what kind of followers they have. Also check out their Facebook page and Youtube videos.

It’d be great if you could seek a consultant’s services in getting you a good SEO company to work for you.


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  2. It is just proper to check the background of an SEO company before you hire their services. Always consider that the success of your website marketing relies on their performance.

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