Thursday, March 17, 2011

Importance of Comprehensive Content in Search Engine Optimization

Many search engine experts write so much on technical SEO, but not enough on the content aspects of Search. In my own experience, I have seen that Comprehensiveness of content is a kick ass SEO tip that works well with all search engines. And more importantly with users. It works great with Google since it quickly recognizes quality and useful content.

Whenever you write keep your audience in mind. What does the user want and what are the questions on his mind? Answer them and you’ll get your visitors trooping to your site. When you write, remember there are different types of readers – people who have the time to research, people who scan, people who listen and people who love to watch videos.

Example of Comprehensive Content: When I mean publish comprehensive content, I mean deal exhaustively with the chosen topic. Let’s say Cancer Treatment is your theme for a blog post. Then you should talk about recommended treatments, side effects, alternate treatments, cancer diet, exercise and yoga for cancer patients etc. Use videos, audio files, slides, graphics, podcasts and everything in between.

Comprehensiveness, in this case, is also writing about allied subjects. Cancer survivor stories, cancer support groups, cancer forums, links to quality cancer content.

A reader may not spend a day sinking in all of these, but he’ll choose his preferred content and benefit from it.

Writing comprehensively reveals your expertise on the subject. Comprehensive content also shows you care for users who want the information. Comprehensive content also shows says that you’re not a fly-by-night blogger or site owner looking to make a quick buck and move on.

Comprehensive content is a great Search Engine Optimization secret to use for rich traffic benefits.

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