Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ideas for Growing Slideshare

I emailed Rashmi, Co-founder and CEO of Slideshare a few suggestions and was surprised to get a quick reply. Just thought I'd share the ideas.


Interesting suggestions. Love the idea of the free templates and several of the other suggestions.

Cofounder & CEO,
SlideShare (www.slideshare.net/rashmi)

On Fri, Sep 17, 2010 at 2:01 AM, Rajasekar Raju wrote:
Dear Rashmi,

Just a few thoughts for my favorite site.

I think you might rock if you offer a series of free templates for people to quickly create ppts about subjects they like.

Allow users to comment using “openid”.

Create a resources section on how to create a great ppt, concepts/ design elements of ppts etc. Post tutorials (ppt, video, text) on how to present ideas. Interviews with top slide makers.

Featuring pro user above regular featured presentations will not go well with most users. This is almost passing of as a regular “featured” ppt just like sponsored ads on MSN being indistinguishable from search page results.

“Browse by category” should be right on top – remember users come to see presentations. Go ahead and show them the way.

Is there a forum for slideshare users – free and pro, to discuss about developing ppts etc?

When I plug slideshare (a paid service) on my Facebook page, please allow users to see my channel as default (not your home)

Hope this is useful, Rashmi.


Rajasekar KS

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  1. Raj ,
    Your brainy suggestions rocks.
    Appreciate your open suggestions ..