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Positive Workplace Motivation by Buddha

A collection of quotes by Franz Metcalf and BJ Gallagher Hatey, authors of What Would Buddha Do at Work.

Since there is nothing to attain, the Bodhisattva lives by the perfection of wisdom with no hindrance in the mind:
no hindrance and therefore no fear.
The Heart Sutra

Living beings are numberless, I vov to save them;
Desires are inexhaustible, I vow to abandon them;
Dharma gates are countless, I vow to enter them;
The Buddha way is unsurpassbale, I vow to embody it
The Four Great Mahayana vows

The wise person, who hurries when it's time to hurry and
who slows his pace down when slowness is the thing, is
deeply happy because he's got priorities in line.

If he doesn't speak up, others can't know him;
he's a wise man lost among fools.
Anguttara Nikaya 2.51

If you never meet your equal, travel Alone.
There is no fellowship with fools.
Dhammapada 61

Don't cling to what is pleasant or unpleasant.
Suffering missing the first, getting the second.
Liking things just hurts too much; don't do it.
For he is free who has no likes or hates
Dhammapada 210-211

"It's too cold, too hot,too late."
With excuses like these,
People shirk their work,
And the moment passes them by.
Theragatha 3.5

As the smith burns out the silver's dross,
So the wise man burns away his own
Dhammapada 239

As bright but scentless flowers that bear no fruit,
Are words of one who leaves them unfulfilled.
But as scented flowers bearing fruit,
Are words of one who carries them to fruition.
Dhammapada 51-52

Though tainted means, even if for others,
The righteous does not want success that way.
Dhammapada 84

Heronds, Cats and burglars,
By moving silently and carefully,
Accomplish what they set out to do,
Bodhisattvas also work this way
Bodhicharyavatara 5.73

He constantly abandons useless mindsets and cultivate useful mindsets.
He is resolute and concentrated in his effort. He never abandons his
efforts toward achieving useful mindsets.
Anguttara Nikaya 5.53

If you claim a position, you don't have the correct view.
Instructions from Manjushri

All the evil karma created by me from of old, on account of my
beginningless greed, hatred and ignorance,
born of my deeds, work and thoughts,
I now confess openly and fully.
Zen Gatha of Purification

That's how it is! Few are those who get rich and yet don't become
intoxicated and irresponsible from it, who don't get greedy for
sensual delight, who don't mistreat living things.
Samyutta Nikaya 3.6

High rank depends on circumstances; is only gained
through effort; yet is effortlessly lost. it does not lead to
contentment or happiness, still less to peace of mind.
Jatakamala 8.53

What good is matted hair and cloaks, you fool!
Your insides are tangled, yet you comb your surface!
Dhammapada 394

When my success is talked about at work,
I'm quick to have everyone jump in.
But when it's others getting compliments,
I just don't feel like joining in the fun.
Bodhicharyavatara 6.79

Even heavenly pleasure don't distract
One who's pleased by ending of desire.
Dhammapada 187

Health is the best gift. Peace the best wealth
Trust is the best bond. Nirvana happiness.
Dhammapada 204

Once, during a meditation retreat, a student said to the Zen teacher
Soen Nakagawa, "I am very discouraged. What should I do?"
Soen replied, "Encourage others." This is Zen thinking.
Philip Toshio Sudo, Zen Computer, p.67

Reaching for the silence he hears every single sound.
Steve Sanfield

Buddha said if we really need to,
We have to do some really nasty things.
But never just because someone has asked.
The precious jewel of the Teaching 12, quoting the Ratnavali

One who turns away from recklessness
Is like the moon emerging from the clouds.
Her evil deeds give way to good and she
Is like the moon emerging from the clouds.
Dhammapada 172-173

Strive to make your day productive
Whether in little things or big
Every day and every night
Bring you closer to your death
Theragatha 451

Life is easy for the shameless, cunning,
Corrupt, brazen, nasty and betraying.
But for one who's honest and insightful,
Trying to pursue purity, it's hard
Dhammapada 244 - 245

As a solid rock doesn't quaver in the wind,
So the wise are moved by neither praise nor blame.
Dhammapada 81

Yunmen addressed his monks and said,"I do not ask about
before the 15th of the month; tell me about after the 15th."
Nobody said anything, so he answered himself: "Everyday is
a good day".
The Blue Cliff Record 6

If you don't get drunk, no one needs to tell you not to.
Rules about what to do and not do only apply to inferior
priests and priestesses.
Zen Teacher Bankei

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