Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What Attracts Men to Women?

What attracts men to women is probably one of the most pondered and debated questions on the planet. Scores of books have been written on the subject and many magazines and products thrive on selling the concept of helping women make themselves more attractive to men.

What Men Find Attractive,

A beautiful woman turns heads and is coveted by most men making beauty the top factor that attracts men. However those women not blessed with good looks need not despair. You can still enhance your best features with your make-up skills or cosmetic surgery if needed. And again beauty is a relative concept, a woman who appeals to one man may turn off another.

Body Language Attraction

A curvaceous figure is another thing that attracts men, something that the media constantly flashes. Firm heavy breasts and a well-proportioned body are in. If you are not naturally endowed with this, you can work out and improve on this. Beyond the sexual zones, an attractive woman’s hair can be very attractive, especially long and silky hair. A sexy voice can be a great turn on for any man. This is a skill that can be developed, especially by watching movies.

A cheerful demeanor is infectious. A woman with a sense of humor and cheeriness is attractive, so flash those smiles. A woman’s warmth and affection can attract men to her like bees to honey! The care you show your friends and family never goes unnoticed by men and they want to experience the same.

Perfume has the unique quality of helping a woman attract a man. Try different perfumes and see what works for you and blends well with your personality. Light floral perfumes are great for the day while heavier and more expensive ones are good for evenings out.

Personality and Confidence leads to Success

An appealing woman’s personality, the confident way she carries herself and grooms herself can be very attractive. After all, no man would like to be seen with a clumsy, unkempt woman. Take care to dress well in clothes that suit your looks and figure. Get regular pedicures, manicures, facials, in short everything you need to look poised. This will give you a lot of self-confidence.

Women who can converse interestingly

A woman who makes good company will be sought after. Make sure that anyone who talks to you enjoys the experience. Keep yourself updated with the latest news, trends and cued on to people, this will make you an interesting person.

Food and Fatal Love

All men love good food. A woman who enjoys cooking and is a good cook will definitely win brownie points in the attraction game. The age old adage about the way to a man’s heart through the stomach still holds good.

This quick at-a-glance guide to what makes women attractive can help you get your dream man. So get started.

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