Friday, October 30, 2015

Celebrate with Chocolates - A gift for any occasion

Chocolates are perhaps the most popular gifts across the globe. Loved by old and young alike, they come in a wide variety of shapes, flavors and form to cater to every palate. Just think for a second – look at the names that crop up in your mind! Mint chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, raspberry créme, peppermint créme, butter créme …and then the yummy chocolate covered Brazil nuts, pecans, hazelnuts, and cashews.

Chocolates and Happiness

These delicious goodies are synonymous with happiness and there is even a scientific basis to this. Eating chocolates releases endorphins that make us feel good. Think about it, Chocolate stirs up our emotions like
no other food. It has turned into a form of expressing our feelings and celebrate occasions.

Chocolate gifts are the easiest to pick up as they come conveniently packages as tins, towers, baskets, hampers and more. Customized chocolates with sweet messages and imprinted pictures are a rage. Look out for confectionery stores that let you get a special message of your own on the chocolate, at some places you can even get photos of special occasions printed on it.

When you are invited out for dinner, a chocolate basket with chocolates with a wine, champagne or liquor bottle could be a welcome gift. Rum goes well with chocolates like ganaches and pralines, while cognac and
armagnac suit dark chocolate. Port, dessert wines and cabernets go well with any kind of chocolate.

Unforgettable Gifts for Chocolate Lovers 

A box of expensive chocolates with a card can make the perfect gift and express goodwill or appreciation in a corporate context.

Chocolates also fi t the bill for special occasions like Easter where you can gift chocolate Easter eggs. For Christmas, you can pick from the evergreen favorite chocolate Santa Claus, chocolate stockings, chocolate
Christmas tree and other Christmas themed chocolates For birthdays, fl ower bouquets accompanied by chocolates will be cherished. You can also send in chocolate CDs or chocolate greeting cards.

Presenting these Sweets

Chocolates make great wedding favors and getting a Thank You message printed on it is a good idea. You can also gift luxury chocolates to the newly married couple to wish them a sweet and happy married life!
When you are gifting chocolates to kids, make it extra special by looking out for chocolates in creative shapes. A princess, car, teddy bear, chimp or any other innovative chocolate shape will make them squeal with delight.

Happy chocolate gifting! Spread the sweetness and joy all around!

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