Thursday, October 22, 2015

Floor Your Boyfriend with Unique Gifts

Choosing a gift for your boyfriend can be great fun. Spend some time
browsing through the racks of stores to pick that one perfect gift
and the look of happiness when he unwraps your gift is something you
won’t forget.

Gifting for Him

Men love to wine and dine. A bottle of fi ne wine or champagne will
feature high on his wish list of gifts. You can also gift gourmet baskets
of fi ne cheeses, barbecues, cookies or snacks. Remember the proverb
about the stomach being the way to a man’s heart. Bar accessories like
champagne buckets, funky bottle openers, wine holders, beer mugs,
crystal goblets make gifts that will be used and remembered.

Birthday Presents

Guys really dig gadgets. There’s nothing that can bring a bigger smile to
your boyfriend’s face than gifting him the latest mobile, I-pod or music
system that he’s been dreaming of. CDs and DVDs of songs or movies
are a good idea too.

You can also give your man something of utility value that will remind
him of you everyday. This includes leather briefcases, penholders, laptop
cases, leather organizers, fi les, notebooks and so on.

Cute Gifts for your Man

Gifts related to your boyfriend’s hobbies will win you brownie points
with him as he will appreciate your understanding of him. If he’s into
sport, gift him accessories related to the sport like shoes, gloves, helmets
or gift him tickets to his favorite sporting events. Make sure you go with
him and cheer as lustily as he does. If he’s crazy about cars or bikes
which most men are scale models of these will fascinate him.

Christmas Gift Ideas

For Christmas, some gifts can be customized to give a special touch. Gift
mugs or T -shirts with a romantic photograph of both of you with a special
love message. Some other interesting ideas are buying him a keychain
with letters that spell out his name, gifting a pen with his initials inscribed
on it, writing a love poem and framing it in a picture frame, dedicating a
song to him on radio, a bracelet engraved with his initials and so on.
If you know your boyfriend’s tastes well enough, unique personal care
products can make wonderful gifts. A bottle of his favorite perfume, hair
gel, aftershave, electric shaving products and so on. Make your boyfriend
look dashing by getting him some groovy stuff to wear – a funky
t-shirt, a silk tie, a cardigan, a sporty watch, a smart cap.

You could also gift your man gift vouchers to a spa, his beloved book
store, his fashion haunt or the accessory store he’s crazy about. This
gives him the freedom to pick up what he wants. Last but not least, remember
to take care to wrap up your gift to make it attractive and intriguing
enough for him to unwrap it at once!

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