Monday, October 19, 2015

Get the Best for Her Birthday

When her birthday comes around every year, don’t you wish you
had a magic spell that would bring her all the happiness in the
world. We bet you would! Read on for some ideas that can create the
same effect.

Wow your girl with something spectacular! A solitaire ring or pendant
can make her day! If that seems out of reach, look for crystal – crystal
brooches, pendants or little fi gurines have a sparkle that spreads happiness.
How about getting a hundred balloons that say Happy Birthday on them
for her!

Put a laugh into her life by gifting something with an amusing touch.
Gift your girl a cuckoo clock and she will remember you every time it
cuckoos. A book of funny cartoons or mementos with amusing sayings
that can tickle her funny bone are a good idea.

Little trinket boxes are the perfect birthday gifts for her to store her
lovely treasures. Look for photo trinket boxes where she can slip in her
photograph or cute animal or bird trinket boxes. Perfumes are one of the
best gifts you can gift, refer to the latest fashion mags so you get to buy
a trendy new perfume.

Women simply love handbags and purses. Since these must-have
accessories are carried everywhere, most women have an enviable
collection of them. Look out for interesting purses, totes or handbags.
Gift something she can slip into her handbag like a silver hand mirror or
a beautifully crafted purse mirror.

If your woman loves to travel, then gift something that she can take with
her. A travel cosmetic bag is a chic and functional gift that she’s sure to
love. A laptop bag with wheels makes lugging it around easy. Also look out
for chic and trendy luggage that she will be proud to own. Gift something
that will keep her occupied during those long hours of travel, think of portable
DVD players, portable travel games, a digital camera keychain and
so on. Picnic backpack sets and insulated beach `n’ lunch totes are a good
idea for those days she wants to take it easy and relax away from home.

Silk fl owers are the best way to brighten up her space. Exquisite bouquets
and arrangements that can light up a window sill or dresser are a
good idea. If you want to go for real fl owers, make sure it has a special
touch – make up a bouquet of fl owers that go with the month of her birth
for instance.

Everyone is curious about the future. For a different twist to you gift,
gift a horoscope reading or a tarot reading. You can also gift her beautiful
illustrated book that features her zodiac sign.

Go ahead and give her a birthday fi lled with all the happiness in the

Birthday quote
There is still no cure for the common birthday.
John Glenn

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