Thursday, October 15, 2015

Choosing the Perfect Birthday Gift

Birthdays come around just once in a year; make it special for your
friends and family. Choose presents that have a lot of pizzazz and
pack in a punch!

Birthday gifts for Her

When it comes to choosing a great birthday gift for a woman, traditionally
jewelry, clothes, fl owers, cosmetics and so on are what come to mind.
However, here are some tips to add a special touch to these traditional gifts.
Pick up jewelry with some signifi cance attached to it or a pendant with
initials on it for a personal touch, gift coupons for her favorite fashion store
instead of clothes allows her to choose her own. When it comes to cosmetics,
pick up her favorites and make a personalized pampering kit. You can
also gift vouchers to an expensive beauty parlor or upmarket boutique.

Gift Ideas for Him

Choosing a gift for a man can be an interesting job especially if you
know his tastes. Popular gifts include ties, cuff links, shirts, pens, Zippos,
Swiss knives and so on. A bottle of a man’s favorite liquor will please him
no end. Men love gizmos, so look for stuff like the latest I-pods, mobile
phones, laptops and other gadgets. Sports are also big on every man’s
radar, gift him tickets to sporting events he digs or pick up T-shirts with
logos of his favorite team or souvenirs. You can also give gifts related to
his hobbies like music CDs, fi shing rods, golf clubs and so on.

Choosing unique presents for Teenagers

Teenagers are a fi nicky lot and at a stage where they want to express their
individuality. They love to pick their own clothes and accessories so gift
vouchers to fashion stores they frequent is something that will be appreciated.
Teens are at a stage where they are growing into adults. Gizmos
like digital cameras, I-pods, music systems , mobiles, computer games
and similar products will win you brownie points. You could also host a
party for your teen and his/her friends.

Birthday stuff for Kids

Toys suitable to each age group make ideal gifts. Little tots like colorful
toys that move and make noise, pull-alongs, rattles and toy cars are
right up their alley. Children from 5 to 10 upwards would enjoy simple
games and toys that require effort and imagination from their side, board
games, puppets, puzzles, bicycles are good ideas. Those 10 to 12 can
handle more complicated games like fast paced computer games. If you
don’t want to gift toys, you can go for the perennial favorite candies and
chocolates. Want to get a little innovative, gift kid furniture, the animal
shaped stools and chairs will be a hit with smaller kids, older kids will
love funky designs. You can also gift something that has utility value or
an educational component like fancy piggy banks, do-it-yourself handicraft
or jigsaw kits, educational CDs and so on.

Now, we wish you lots of fun shopping for birthdays.

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