Monday, November 2, 2015

Cute Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

Bring in Christmas fun for the special woman in your life by gifting something cute and unique. Stay away from the common and mundane and take that extra bit of effort to find a gift as cute as she is.

Every woman wants to look her dazzling best during the Christmas season. Wait a bit, don’t just pick the common make-up sets, spend a little time and pick up make-up with a color theme. Try creating a makeup
basket based on colors like strawberry, bronze and so on. Tie on a pair of Christmas bells to the handle of the basket with a satin ribbon and you are ready to go.

Thinking of gifting a gadget, don’t just gift a gadget, gift gadgets with appropriate accessories. For instance, if you plan to gift a cell-phone gift one with decorative cell-phone bags in different colors that can be matched with dresses. If you are gifting a DVD player make sure you also gift some favorite movies or new movies along with it.

Want to gift a dress? Don’t just gift a dress, gift it along with a matching handbag, shoes, watch, you can even add jewelry if you want to. This is one gift that is bound to win over the lady like nothing else can. She
will be touched by your thoughtfulness.

Most women, this xmas, love cute animal or bird figurines. Stay away from the crystals and regular china ones, look for the more decorative ones with hand-painted details – brilliant tropical fish, camels with decorative saddles, elephant with a carriage and so on. These collectibles will be gifts that they will cherish and can even be passed on with affection to the next generation.

If you want to gift jewelry, look for unusual pieces in a different style from what you would normally pick, a good bet would be to pick up jewelry from another country like traditional Russian, Indian, Celtic jewelry. This will not only spice up her wardrobe but also hold a special place in her heart.

Gift a painting, this is not just artistic but also something that will make her remember you every time she looks at it. You can also get her portrait painted by an artist to show how much you love her.

Gift her a vacation to a place she’ll love, you have the world to choose from, warm sea side resorts to cold mountain resorts, there’s plenty to indulge her with. What matters above all is that you give the cute gift with a warm hug.

It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air.
W T Ellis

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