Monday, October 12, 2015

Cute Break-up Gifts for Him and Her

It’s always great to say good bye in a nice way. You had good times,
now you feel things are not going your way, and then it’s only nice if
you broke up in a friendly way. What better way than a cute or unique
gift for him or her.

Going through a break-up can be a very traumatic experience. When
the tears fl ow free and depression is a constant companion, any one
going through a break-up needs some good friends around to shake up
the gloom. Show someone who has gone through a break-up that you
care by gifting something that will bring cheer.

The evergreen gift for any situation is a bouquet of flowers. The sight
of fresh, bright flowers in full bloom can bring joy to the dreariest mind.
If you want to go a step further, gift a lush, green potted plant.
A comfort gift is a good choice. Soft, comfort cushions and pillows are
available in a wide array of colors and shapes; they make great break-up
gifts. Other popular gifts are teddy bears or soft toys which you can
attach a simple yet sweet message to.

Breaking up in Peace

Candle and bath sets can play a role in soothing ruffled feelings –
aromatherapy is really in when it comes to break-up gifts. Aromatic
candles with scents like citrus, lavender or pine can change the feel of
the place and lift your friend or relative out of depression. Sweet smelling
bubble baths, shower gels and soaps in delightful fragrances like
rose, vanilla and chocolate can also rev up the spirit. If you want to go a
step further, you can gift him/her a voucher for a relaxing massage at a
spa or massage centre.

Cute ways to gift and part

Eating delicious food is a feel good activity. In fact, research has proved
that chocolates actually release endorphins that make us feel good about
ourselves. Gift some gourmet chocolates wrapped in a pretty bag. A wine
basket or a basket of gourmet goodies would make a nice gift too. If you
enjoy baking, you could bake a yummy chocolate cake or a batch of
cookies, wrap it in a pretty wrapper and gift it.

Wearing something new with a humorous message or a cheery quote
could perk up the day. Gift a bright tee with a message. You could also
gift a mug with a happy message that inspires or has a dash of fun.
A gift that distracts the mind from the pain of a break-up is a good
antidote. Think books, pick books that make light reading or those with
a humorous overtone. Alternately, pick up a good DVD or a CD by his/
her favorite singer.

A thing of beauty can also numb the mind to grief. Gift a beautiful
artifact like a vase, statue, wall panel and so on.

Now, this little break up gift guide should help you make up your mind
on a break-up gift.

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