Thursday, January 29, 2015

Cute gadget gifts that children love

Today’s tech savvy kids love gadgets that stimulate their imagination and are action-packed.

Kids today are quite gadget savvy and can operate everything from tablets, mobile phones to remote controlled toys with ease. Gift them a gadget and it will have them engaged for hours. While choosing, make sure the gadgets are age appropriate, with a little scouting around, you should find something that fits your budget perfectly.

Introduce kids to the wonders of space by choosing gadgets that acquaint them with it. The Star Theater Pro for instance has discs that project images and let your kids witness 10000 stars besides the sun, moon and the earth. Model rockets that can be shot hundreds of feet in the air are thrilling too. For teens, gifts like a telescope or binoculars would help them discover the universe.

Tablets are versatile and make great gifts as they can be used for everything form browsing, playing games to watching movies. Go for tablets that come with parental controls, so you can keep them away from age inappropriate content.

Remote controlled vehicles and aircraft are gadgets kids of any age would love. Remote controlled cars and bugs area ideal for small kids but for pre-teens and teens go for remote controlled helicopters or UFOs.
Teens and pre-teens will enjoy point and shoot cameras. The Polaroid cameras that instantly print will ensure they have loads of fun. Spy gadgets let kids play detective. You can gift them fun spy gear for kids like a spywatch, rearview glasses, bionic ear, pen with invisible ink or an electronic voice transformer.

Games are always hot on a child’s radar! If you have the budget, choose an X-Box or pick up handheld console games they can enjoy. A mini talking robot makes a good gift as it not only entertains but also educates.  Some of the robots offer great storytelling capabilities; some can even play games like hide-and-seek or tag.

When it comes to fitness, catch kids early! There are many different fitness gadgets that kids can be gifted with and these help make fitness a regular part of their lives. A digital jump rope, just-for-kids pedometers, GPS sport watch or a SportBand are good ideas.

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