Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Cute craft gifts to buy for children

Gift crafts, they have a touch of sentiment that will be cherished.

Handmade crafts always have that warm fuzzy, personal feeling about them. Gift a child a craft that you have specially created for him or her and she will be thrilled. You can also give children craft-making kits that help them express their creativity.

Are you good at knitting? Knit a warm shawl or sweater and personalize it for the child with a touch of quirkiness. If you enjoy painting, paint a funky design on a T-shirt and embellish it with a few rhinestones or a touch of glitter and gift this. Gift something sentimental, make a nice collage or a scrapbook of the child’s photographs.

Crafts can also help in recycling things and saving our environment. Don’t throw away old newspaper, it can be made into woven baskets, jewelry or papier mache which in turn you can use to make bowls, organizers and more. Plastic bags can be cut into strips and crocheted together to make interesting bags and home d├ęcor items. Recycled gifts help in building a love for our planet.

For small kids, stamping kits and clay moulding kits make good choices. A fun Sticker Calendar Kit will delight them as they craft their own original calendar that they can proudly hang in their rooms. Finger Painting Kits and Coloring Kits are ideal too.

Pre-teens have better motor control, visual perception and design skills. Sun-catcher Kits and Mosaic Kits come with many diverse themes ranging from colorful butterflies, birds to landscapes. A Fun Fabric Bag Kit lets them create a colorful bag to hold their goodies or go shopping. Paper Bag Puppet Kits, Mosaic Kits and so on make good gifts.

Teenagers can handle more complicated crafts so kits that involve new skills work well. Try a Knitting Kit, Origami Kit, Multi-craft Weaving Kit, Tie & Dye Kit, Candle Making Kit, Design Your Own Fragrance Kit or Bath Bomb Factory. If you want to get the teens interested in cooking, gift them a Make Your Own Chocolate Kit or a Cup Cake Decorating Kit.  For laughs, you can gift a Knit Your Own Beard Kit, believe it or not it’s available online.

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