Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Buying surprise gifts for children

Look beyond the usual gifts and come up with a real surprise.

Everyone enjoys a surprise, show your love and affection for kids by giving them surprise gifts. The look of joy in their eyes and their beautiful smiles would be the most rewarding thing you ever felt.
Chocolates are always a surprise gift that can thrill kids. A chocolate bar personalized with the child’s name will make it even more special.

A sound effect machine can liven up any situation, with sounds that range from the familiar and funny to bizarre, this makes a fun gift. Remote controlled toys are quite a craze with kids and you can find cars, bikes, insects, lanes and even UFOs.

Dressing up gifts allows kids to give free rein to their imagination! Gift a quirky cap, a set of stick-on mustaches, fairy wings or temporary tattoo sets. Girls always want to look prettier, so make-up sets or nail design kits are bound to delight them.

Video games seem to be all the rage but you can introduce kids to the pleasure of board games by gifting all-time favorite board games like Monopoly, Scrabble, Chinese Checkers, Ludo and so on. Make sure you devote some time teaching them these wonderful games that filled your childhood with happy memories.
Make meals fun for kids by gifting personalized Teddy Bear cutlery, a great way to also motivate them to eat up their veggies without making a fuss. You can also get them a fun children’s pizza or baking set, they will enjoy trying out the basics of cooking.

Most kids love nature, animals and birds. Gift bird feeders and bird baths which will attract birds, kids will love watching them. Gift potted plants or indoor plants like bonsai or money plants.  Nature sound CDs are another way to keep kids engrossed.

Books always make great gifts.  For toddlers and children below five choose colorful books with little text, also look out for books that come with sounds, this enhances the reading experience.  For children above five, look for books that revolve around the adventures of children their age. Teenagers will enjoy thrillers and romance.

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