Sunday, January 25, 2015

9 cute birthday gifts for children

Make the birthday child feel truly loved with a gift that shows you care.

A child’s birthday is the most special day in his or her calendar. Each child waits for this day with bated breath and counts the days to it.  This is an occasion to splurge so do go in for gifts that might be a little more expensive than what you normally gift. You can even gift two or three gifts, the more the merrier!

In today’s digital world, gadgets figure on top of the wish lists of most kids. There is the dilemma of when to start with cell phones, in today’s world you can start when the child starts going to school with say the Fireflow Glow Phone which allows dialling of just three numbers. For slightly older kids, you can go for better phones that include options like a family tracker that can track their location. Tweens and teens would love the latest smartphone. A Playstation or X-Box is another gadget children love.

Keep our planet beautiful for coming generations. Cultivate a love for nature by giving birthday gifts that do just this. Let kids enjoy the miracle of planting seeds and watching them grow. A gardening tool kit, colourful pots and gardening books will get them hooked to gardening. You can also gift a bird bath that encourages birds to visit.

Children are born creative. Let them explore their creative side with a creative hobby. There is a wide range of hobby kits you can choose from pottery kits, papier mache kits, coloring kits, knitting kits and so on.
What’s childhood without a dash of mischief! Gift some pranks for a laugh. An annoying sound machine, shock chewing gum, instant audience sound machine, exploding lighter and remote controlled tarantula are some harmless prank gifts that are fun!

Children love personalized stuff.  There are many gifts with options that you can personalize with the child’s photo and maybe even a fun line about the child. Some of the popular personalized gifts are tees, mugs, cushions, name plates, bags and so on.

Getting kids outdoors for outdoor play builds a healthy balance between their mental and physical activity. Gifts like a good pair of binoculars, trekking or camping gear will have them excited and ready to hit the outdoors.

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