Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Tale of Rebirth, Short Buddha Story

Wisdom from ancient Buddha tales. Part of 51 Short Motivational Stories from Zen, Buddha and Ancient Tales, a book by Rajasekar Raju KS.

Two men who served their sentences in hell were summoned by Yama, the lord of Death.
“You have completed your sentence in hell, you will now be reborn on earth. If you do good in this birth you may not have to worry about coming back here,” said Yama.
The men nodded in relief.

“I’m giving you a choice. You can be born as a person receiving money from other people throughout your lifetime. Or as a person giving money to others all your lifetime,” said Yama.

“I choose to receive money all the time,” said the first. The second choose to give money to others.

“Let the first be born in a beggar’s family and the second in a rich man’s home,” said Yama.

The first man cried, “What did I do that I have to be born in a poor man’s home and he in a rich man’s home.”

“You wanted to get money from others all the time, only a poor beggar can afford that. He wanted to give others therefore he needs to be rich,” said Yama.

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